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Thinking is family business.

Demian Bucay

Demian Bucay

DEMIAN BUCAY was born in 1977. He is a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. He received his M.D./Ph.D. from the University of Buenos Aires and completed his studies at the Hospital Torcuato de Alvear. He has a postgraduate degree in Gestalt Therapy. He writes for the magazine Mente Sana and is the author of several books, Mirar de nuevo being his first. He has given workshops in Argentina and Mexico, making use of literature and cinema as a practical tool for personal development and growth. He has recently published two books about relationships in Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece.

Manual para estar en pareja / Infidelidad (Handbooks for the Real-Life Couple), (Vol. 1, How to live as one, 198 pp, Vol. 2, How to survive as one, 252 pp)

Non-Fiction, Self-Help, 450 pp


As a psychiatrist and as a psychotherapist with a postgraduate degree in Gestalt Therapy, as a doctor and as a husband, Demian Bucay opts for a realistic approach to modern relationships, including in all his writings such polemic topics as infidelity and same sex relationships. His writing is entertaining and a showcase of his wonderful skills and knowledge as a scientific, granting clearly structured practical advice for modern couples who have decided to confront the challenges of a highly divisive world full of possibilities and distractions, together.

—  Sold to: Spain (RBA), Spanish Language Mexico and Southamerica (Océano), Greece (Opera), Bulgaria (Hermes)

De padres e hijos (About Parents and Children)

Nonfiction, 255 pp


In this unique book, two writers of exceptional talent, with international careers and high standing, Jorge and Demian Bucay, compare their views on education and family, on the difficult relationship between parents and their children. The writers are, of course, father and son. Because thinking is family business. Only sometimes we forget.

—  Sold to: Argentina (Del Nuevo Extremo), Mexico (Océano), Spain (RBA), Germany (Fischer), Greece (Opera), Bulgaria (Hermes), Croatia (Fraktura), World English (Upper West Side Philosophers)

Mirar de nuevo (At second Sight)

Narrative Nonfiction, 207 pp


At second sight is a book that touches upon many everyday problems: in our relationships with our partners, our families, or at work. The author offers a very special insight into his personal philosophy and his method of enabling and providing personal growth. Following the idea of his workshops, he presents and confronts us with a famous movie scene or a story that illustrates the conflict we might be caught in. Already a big success in his native Argentina, in Bulgaria and soon also in Greece, this is a very special guide toward a better quality of life and greater personal fulfillment.

—  Sold to: Argentina (Del Nuevo Extremo), Mexico (Océano), Spain (RBA), Bulgaria (Hermes), Greece (Opera)

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