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Words can hurt like Claws

Noah Eggert

Noah Eggert

NOAH EGGERT was born in Dresden, in 1998. He moved to Leipzig in 2017 and studied Art Education and German Studies at the University of Leipzig. In 2022, he graduated in Art Education. His bachelor project was a an illustrated children’s book that was displayed publicly at the Institute for Art Education in Leipzig and became the basis of his current Graphic Novel “Ida and the Forest Cat”. He is currently working half-time in a primary school and is dedicating his spare time to his greatest passion: Graphic Novels.

Ida und die Waldkatze (Ida and the Forest Cat)

Fiction, Graphic Novel, 14+, ca. 140 pp

What can you do if your home is not a safe place and if you live in constant fear of your own family? The young cat Ida flees from her mother into the forest, searching for shelter. She meets a little tomcat who grants her understanding and friendship while, until now, she has found both only with her cuddly mouse Henry. An impressive, emotionally very appealing graphic novel that accompanies our heroine on her path to independence and a very beautiful and unique coming-of-age story, with drawings that are touching due to the sensitive, expressive design of the facial expressions, the atmospheric density and the numerous details.

— World Rights

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