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Happiness is a rare thing that multiplies when shared.

Kenan Crnkic

Kenan Crnkic

KENAN CRNKIC is the Bosnian author of bestsellers about success (7 Secrets to Success), happiness (Beware which Wolf you feed) and life (Outlive Life). His books and papers have been translated and published in several languages as well as in Braille. With more than 250.000 copies sold, he has first become a bestselling author in Southeastern Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and Management, studied at Harvard and is a professor at highly ranked universities. Throughout his career, he held senior executive positions in both the private and the public sectors. His extraordinary accomplishments have won him several awards and recognitions, including Business Person of the Year and Manager of the Decade for Southeastern and Central Europe. Dr. Kenan Crnkic is also a certified John Maxwell’s coach, lecturer and transformational speaker. More information about Kenan, his work and activities can be found on his official website and on a variety of social network platforms where more than 300,000 people all over the world follow his daily blogs.

Nadzivjeti zivot (Outlive Life)

Non-Fiction, 170 pp


"Outlive Life" is the final chapter of the life-happiness-success trilogy. The book provides answers to eternal life questions  including how to deal with problems and temptations, insults and gossip, betrayal and disappointment, friends and enemies. It discusses recognizing true good and hidden evil, how to distinguish between price and value, how to manage change, and how to make wise decisions. Discover what investment is the most secure while delivering the biggest return. Learn why uncertainty is the only certainty, why we should trust in God rather than in people, why we should forget and when we should forgive, and why truly yours is only that what you can give…


This book is for all those who wish to be the authors and not mere readers of their lifes. To those whose lives can become the most beautiful story ever told.

—  Sold to: Bosnia (Faith International), Serbia (Data Status), Croatia (Iris Illyrica), Slovenia (Mladinska Knijga)

Pazi kojeg vuka hranis (Beware which Wolf you feed)

Non-Fiction, 139 pp

"Beware which Wolf you feed" is written in a simple language and a highly recognizable easy-to-read style. It is full of positive and useful advice that creates a peculiar form of instant motivation that will make you read it in one sitting, but also take pleasure in going back to it over and over again, looking for inspiration on its pages while viewing them from different angles. By combining tales and experiences from a lot of different cultural and economical backgrounds and by rearranging them into a unique and thoughtful essay, the author gives a wake-up call to the questions “Am I, and to what extent, truly happy? And how can I achieve this goal?”

This is a book about happiness. How to find it, how to pursue and how to handle it. A book that can make you happy by reading.

—  Sold to: Bosnia (Faith International), Serbia (Data Status), Croatia (Fokus), Slovenia (Mladinska Knijga), Hungary (Muveltnep), Albania (Botime Koliqi)

7 tajni uspeha (7 Secrets to Success)

Non-Fiction, 101 pp

Within ten days from its publication, Kenan's first book “7 Secrets to Success”, a practical guide to success, has tracked record historical sales in Bosnia and become an ultimate hit gaining the author national bestselling status. Within a year, the award winning book has seen its 10th jubilee edition, as well as translations into several languages. The author uses a simple language and real life examples while leading you step by step towards your goals.

—  Sold to: Bosnia (Faith International), Serbia (Data Status), Slovenia (Mladinska Knijga), Croatia (Fokus), Macedonia (Toper)

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