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Eduardo Jáuregui

Eduardo Jáuregui

EDUARDO JÁUREGUI is a psychologist specialized in the sense of humour and positive psychology. He is a Doctor in Social and Political Sciences, lectures at the University of Saint Louis (Madrid Campus) and co-founded the training consultancy Humor Positivo (Serious Fun). He also co-founded the Spanish Positive Psychology Society. His books include Humans on Trial (RBA, 2006), El Sentido del Humor (RBA, 2007), Amor y humor (RBA, 2009) and Alta diversión (Alienta, 2008). He has published more than eighty articles in the press and in academic journals. Eduardo’s first novel, Conversations with My Cat (Ediciones B, 2013) has been published in thirteen countries. He is also the co-author of the series El Cuento Más Maravilloso Jamás Escrito, together with bestselling author Pierdomenico Baccalario, under the pseudonym Edward Berry.

Dale al Play! (Press Play!)

Non-Fiction, Toolbook, 200 pp approx.

A practical fun book, developped in cooperation with Teamlabs (Spain), unique in its method, brilliant in its thinking, agile like the wind and charismatic. A "Wreck this Journal" 2.0, it gives the reader a tool for realizing projects and plans, be it an enterprise, a social welfare or a work of art.

—  Currently under negotiation in Spain

Conversaciones con mi gata (Conversations with my Cat)

Fiction, Novel, 340 pp


Sara feels trapped in a job she hates, in a foreign city, London. Lately, things are not at all what they used to be, neither with her husband nor with her life. And to top it off, she is about to turn forty. On her birthday, she discovers that her husband has been cheating on her, with a younger girl from the office. Her life is turned upside down while she feels that all her dreams have faded. Sara goes into a deep depression and goes on a sick leave, for psycho­logical reasons. She spends all day at home and starts to consume a startling amount of Kleenex, soap operas, and chocolate muffins. But then a cat appears in her life. The animal keeps hanging around her house, and Sara starts to hear voices...

—  Sold to: Spain (Ediciones B) Italy (Salani), Germany (Thiele), Brazil (L&PM), Portugal (Presença), France (Presses de la Cité), South Corea (Dasam Books), Turkey (Altin Kitap), Complexe Chinese (Beijing Zhengquing), Poland (Prószynski Media), Norway (Cappelen), Taiwan (Eurasian Press), Bulgaria (Hermes)

Yoga alla Siciliana (Sicilian Yoga)

Fiction, Novel, 384 pp


Sicilian Yoga is a gripping story full of romance, family secrets, ancient wisdom and the con­flict between the most powerful organizations in the world. But its main topic is the inner power that resides in every human being. Its protagonist, Lisa Vogel, is torn between two of the most opposed cultures in Europe - German and Sicilian - and between her western mentality and the philosophy of yoga. In search for happiness, as well as her forgotten sicil­ian roots, she will overcome many prejudices and obstacles, eventually coming face to face with her own humanity, with all of its limits, ignorance and frailty, but also its potential for love, truth and beauty. In the end, she will choose the path of the heroine, and will need to make great sacrifices in order to stay true to herself.

—  Sold to: Spain (Ediciones B), Bulgaria (Hermes), France (Prisma Media)

Juicio a los humanos (Humans on Trial)

Fiction, Fable, 208 pp

Representatives from every corner of the Animal Kingdom have gathered in the jungle for an extraordinary trial. The Human Being is accused of atrocious crimes against its fellow creatures: Slander, Physical Abuse and Genocide. Humans on Trial is the last book and first fiction title of the celebrated Spanish anthropologist and intellectual José Antonio Jáuregui (1941-2005), described by Edward O. Wilson as “a pioneer in sociology and evolutionary biology, and an original thinker of the first rank”. When José Antonio died before finishing the manuscript, his son Eduardo edited and completed the text for its posthumous publication. Since its publication, several theatrical adaptations of the book have been staged in Spain and the UK. More than 12.000 copies sold in Spain.


“An extraordinary book… A delightful story, presented as a fable, that will appeal to readers of all ages. There is courtroom drama, gripping suspense, memorable characters and witty repartee. It is a tale that entertains while, at the same time, it raises important ethical issues concerning animal welfare and environmental stewardship. It forces us to think about humanity’s true place in the natural world… José Antonio Jáuregui and Eduardo, I salute you both. You have made a major contribution to the future of life, as we know it, on Planet Earth.”

-Jane Goodall

—  Sold to: Spain (RBA, rights reverted), South Corea (Dubulu Book Factory), Galicia (Catro Ventos)

El sentido del humor (The Sense of Humor)

Non-Fiction, Positive Psychology, 352 pp

The sense of humor, by Eduardo Jáuregui, is a necessary reference guide for life in the 21st century, aimed at helping you make the most of that invaluable biological mechanism which so many people seemed to have stored away in the furthest corner of the mind’s attic: their natural capacity for fun, play and laughter. Based on solid scientific research and packed with hilarious examples and practical exercises, this manual will help you to find, tune-up and reactivate your rusty sense of humor, to understand all of its mysteries and to apply it in everyday life with the skill of the wisest fool. More than 10.000 copies sold in Spain.

—  Sold to: Spain (RBA, rights reverted)